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Discover Discount After Builders Cleaning in Manchester

Imagine. You’ve just had renovation performed on your property. The builders are finally leaving and you can enjoy their work. But then you realise there’s dust everywhere. Debris is littered throughout your home. And paint has been splattered over your windows. What do you do?

Connect with our specialist after builders cleaning team in Manchester immediately! Finley’s Specialist Crew have got high end tools, powerful detergents, and proven skill. All you’ve got to do is decide how many hours to book us for. Once you’ve made up your mind contact us by phone or online. And don’t forget you’re eligible for a free, no-obligation quote.

Remove Dust, Debris, Rubbish, And More

You alone are in charge of your post builder clean in Manchester. You’ll be able to:

  • Get us in on weekends and Bank Holidays– your hectic schedule is no match for us. Ask us to work flexible hours to fit into your calendar
  • Decide how long we stay– you’ll be charged by the hour. You can choose how many you want to book. Take into account your property’s condition
  • Ask for rubbish disposal– builders will have left waste materials and more on your premises. We’ll remove it for no additional fee
  • Meet experienced cleaners– you’re hiring dedicated dust and debris removal specialists. No job is too big or too small for us
  • Take advantage of specialist techniques– that guarantee the complete removal of all dust from your property. We know air filtration

Now your renovation work’s done you should check out our domestic cleaning. It can be performed as often as you like. And if you combine it with after builders cleaning you’ll get a special reduced rates. Cut your costs now.

Finley’s Post Construction Cleaning Process in Manchester

We’ve got a set list of tasks that must be performed throughout your property. They’re categorised based on your separate rooms – the bathroom, kitchen, bedrooms, hallways, and common areas. Let’s use your kitchen as an example. We’ll clean the microwave inside and out, scrub the sinks, wipe down the windows, and much more. The other chores you can ask us to perform include, but aren’t limited to: removing dirt, dust, and other unsightly markings from your carpets. Deep cleaning skirting boards. Eliminating lime scale. And washing toilets.

Your service will be completed quickly. You’ll meet our team on-site. Give us any further requirements you may have. Then watch as we work. Once we’re done you’ll be asked to provide feedback. You should also know that by hiring us you’ve qualified for a guarantee. You can call us back for a FREE re-clean!

Air Filtration Is Included

You’ll be supplied with professional industrial equipment. Vacuums. Scrubbers. Pressure washers. Air filtration systems. These tools have been tested during hundreds of services. They’ll give you the best possible results. In addition, you’ll be treated with the utmost respect by our specially instructed, vetted, and insured team.