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Finley's Domestic Cleaning in Manchester - 7:30am to 6:00pm

Clutter can become a habit. An untidy home can lead to an untidy mind. Are these problems you don’t have the time to solve? Then pick up the phone and call our expert domestic cleaning team in Manchester. You can contact us at any time – our customer service is uninterrupted. You can also reach us through the chat feature right here on this website.

Get in touch. Give us details about your property. Receive a free, accurate quote. Agree or Disagree. Tell us how often you need us. Make your regular booking. Simple!

Benefit From Cost-effective Prices

Do you need?

  • Cleaners who hold keys– if you’re working when you want us to clean don’t worry. Our team will borrow your keys, perform the service, and then return them
  • Equipment supplied– you can request that we bring all necessary tools for an extra fee. Let us know if you need them when you book
  • Ironing and laundry carried out– miscellaneous tasks such as think can be performed as part of your job. Bear in mind you’ll need to add more time to your slot
  • A regular routine– you alone will choose how often we work. Daily. Weekly. Fortnightly. Monthly. Whatever you need
  • Budget friendly prices– the length of your slots will be determined based on your requirements. You’ll only be charged by the hour

…then connect with an adviser today!

Customers past and present have combined our home cleaning in Manchester with oven cleaning. Take note, booking more than one service will make you eligible for a discount.

Regular Services Explained

The same cleaner will be sent to you every single time. Consequently, you’ll get constantly improving results. All you’ve got do is book once. That appointment will then be automatically repeated on an on-going basis. On the same day of the week, at the same time. No changes will be made unless they’re requested by you. Your job can include hoovering, mopping, dusting, and much more. So how do you get started?

Arrange the date and time of your first house cleaning service in Manchester. A lone technician will arrive at your property. Please bear in mind that this initial visit may need to be extended by about 30 minutes. This will allow us to become familiar with the condition and layout of your premises. From then on your services will become more and more seamless. What happens if your regular cleaner gets sick or goes on holiday? You’ll be sent a temporary replacement. They’ll have all your information. You won’t need to repeat your requirements.

Ask Our Maids For Equipment in Manchester

The tools in our arsenal include kitchen and bathroom chemicals, polish, and vacuum cleaners. They are provided only if you request them. In addition, for your benefit every single member of staff has been trained, vetted, and quality checked. Trust us to get the job done thoroughly, in the shortest amount of time possible.